Revealing potential

Triple Accounting in short

Triple Accounting is a new goodwill evaluation method, developped with the help of Deloitte and major business leaders, to map intangible value of the company.

It detects strongest values and biggest areas of value creation.

It’s an IRM-scan of the company and a decoding of its DNA. Which are the human drives, how is the company different from others ?

It pragmatically measures, monitors and makes us think about bottom-line issues, and quality of alignment of the company in regard of emerging values.

One of the bigger challenges of today’s management is the reconciliation of people with tools and machines, including IT. Who’s going to win, Big Brother or the people ? It’s the same with money: is money going to become our master or our slave?

All of us are working to make tools ergonomic and user-friendly, and create a world where everyone is invited to connect with the best in himself. A strong way to do so is Triple Accounting. A goodwill evaluation approach, with its software, where basic human needs and qualities are mapped for a person, for companies, and even for organisations and governments.

This assessment and evaluation is a DNA-scan of the driving values of the people, employees and clients. This allows leaders to work very specifically, like acupuncture on creating value for people and for business performance. Triple Accounting is the Troyan Horse of sustainable Human Development in organisations.


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