Revealing potential

It was in 1987. The course of financial analysis at the KULeuven. I was quite good at it.

Then… 22 years of enterpreneurship, 14 years of real estate invetment.

Then, lots of challenges: financial, personal, societal,…

I made money, lost money, made some again, got kids, …

But, where is the true value of our heritage? Houses? Cash? I saw so many spoiled rich kids… No it can’t be as simple. It’s a lie. My true heritage is another value I can give to them: emotional value, knowledge, meaning, roots, culture, encounter, sharing great moments making memories, empowering them…

This is what I’m concentrating on since then: creating emotion capital, knowledge capital. For us, for my kids, for my company, and for my client’s companies.

But when I see market value going up and down on the stock market, it seems to be the same: you lose trust, stock goes down, you innovate, stock goes up. So goodwill should equal EMOTION CAPITAL + KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL.

This is how it all started… 3 balance sheets: body + heart + head of the company.

Simple and strong.

January 2008.

Triple Accounting was born.

Michel de Kemmeter


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