Revealing potential

When we decode the DNA of a company, we ponder the “carrying vectors” of the business: is it the product-service itself, is it the company culture, is it trust or recognition, is it mastering or control, passion or perception, communication or interconnexion ?

What we often realize, is that lots of operations have evolved into subcontracting, and several intermediaries have slipped into the chain between the producer of product-service and the end user.

The needs the company has to answer – or in other words – the needs the client is buying, are not the same ones if we look at the end user, or at the middleman or contractor.

One could say: “who cares ?”.

Well, actually, the end user cares. And eventually the end user is the one paying for eveybody’s salary. So when we consider developing vision-mission-values, we should take that in account. Whose needs do we want to meet ? And the answer “the clients” is not enough. “Which client?” is the right question. End user or contractor. With Triple Accounting, we can very sharply detect how good or bad the company is aligned to the end user needs. Quantified in € or any other hard currency. So when a business model is questioned, the DNA of both scenarios can be quantified: answering the end user needs or answering the middleman/contractor’s needs.

This “Business Model Assessment” allows us to measure how ready the company is for a drastic move in their business model change. And the solidity of the move wille depend on the values present inside the company.


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