Revealing potential

Wikileaks has a taken role of “manifesting” the intangible liabilities. It has drastical negative impact on emotional value and rizes knowledge value if there is consciousness rize afterwards. If the targets refuse to admit and deny, then the emotional value dives even deeper. This is very bad news for the targets because the levels of liabilities can be a multiple of the equity.

On the other hand, if the target humbly uses the information (which they had and hide), to enhance behaviour, and understand better why they are here for, for what commun good, and align better on their “mission”, then Wikileaks can help management to make a quantum-leap in quality, and will rize out of the grey mass of competition.

Remember the numerous cases of recalling from the market like Perrier or Toyota, it actually made reputation stronger and more resilient. But look at the sisaster it creates for the american government, as they are the contrary of humble, very ego-centered, fighting the evidence.

In corporations, when scandals pop up, if the management deals with it in a humble and wise way, value can go up, trust will also follow from the public and employees. Knowledge capital rizes because awareness and learning happened. Again, if ego interferes, and denial is there, then trust disappears, emotional value goes down to the negative, stocks go down, client walk away…

Wikileaks has definetely a role to play in 21st century management, also in the global awareness of the harm hidden agendas can do for share value.

Michel de Kemmeter


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