Revealing potential

Corporate Meridians

Corporate Acupuncture

Acting on an organization or company, to improve the efficiency, we can imagine doing “corporate acupuncture”. Put the needle on a point which will energize the whole system, like sending energy into a meridian. We don’t want any more to invade the body with surgery – this is expensive and time-consuming, a little shocking for some people too.

Triple Accounting Corporate Meridians

Corporate meridians: business acupuncture for communication, social responsability and human development.

We just have limited resources and tools to energize the organization. So the choice of the moment, the place – the meridian, is very important.

But a needle pricks – it stings. We feel it clearly and sharply. That’s what the “feel-like” should be of corporate acupuncture. No anesthesia.

A very efficient way to do so is Triple Accounting. It detects and evaluates intangible values and especially intangible liabilities. Some of the latter are blocking as “glass ceilings”. These have to be stinged upon with precise “alchemic” approaches where a few keys have to be respected:

  • Give people a role
  • The Steps2HAV rules
  • Propose precise questions/intentions
  • Trust people
  • Bring outside elements to disturb and break existing belief patterns – or bring the group outside in an unknown context and… let them do – this means: let go (even if you have an agenda!)

Good luck !

Michel de Kemmeter


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