Revealing potential

Corporate Acupuncture

Acting on an organization or company, to improve the efficiency, we can imagine doing “corporate acupuncture”. Put the needle on a point which will energize the whole system, like sending energy into a meridian. We don’t want any more to invade the body with surgery – this is expensive and time-consuming, a little shocking for some people too.

There are channels – medirians where we have to “sting” – which cross the whole organization.

1. Corporate Communication, internal & external

Effective communication is energizing the whole body of the company, especially if it is carried by strong and human values. It will mobilize everybody towards the same goal, vision and mission. It will make people learn from each other, sharing passion for the product and for innovation. It enhances recognition, internally for people, and externally for the brand. It will open up minds and mindsets towards improvement. It will activate the corporate perception on itself and on the outside world and environment toward more interconnectedness and sustainability.

2. CSR, Charity, Foundations

It mobilizes positive affection for the company as it engages for noble causes. It’s moving. In the 2 understandings. It touches the heart – and it moves people to engage for and with the organization. Far more than just greenwashing technology, it will create huge value for motivating people internally and will oblige to look at the brand differently, with an open heart. The art is to engage your own people to open their hearts and hands in these actions. It shouldn’t be isolated actions, disconnected, but connected to the business and carrying values of the business – with and for employees.

3. HR Development

Developing people and talent throughout the organization will empower the whole group. Everybody knows that. But developing the right qualities carrying the right values carrying the right corporate drivers is an art. Casting and putting the right people in charge – and giving them broad action scope, is an art. But it is always paying off largely more than the time and money invested into HR actions. When you see how much a payroll costs in the western world, it is a crime to consider people as a cost. They are your biggest asset.

4. Company Culture, Governance and Ethics

First your “north star”, mission and vision, then your strategy – regularly updated and benchmarked – and finally the “character” with which you will collectively act. Your ethics. Investing in these is a must because otherwise people don’t know where you are heading. They don’t vibrate with you on a “higher contribution” you may want to achieve. Then there is this kind of “societal politeness” with which you want to act: vulgar, aggressive, elegant, depressive, tonic, enthusiastic… what is your corporate character ? Investing in coherence with the values carrying the business pays off 100-times.

5. Sustainable Development

A collective project of respecting more our nourishing mother earth will mobilize everybody. Because everybody is worried about the planet for their children. It can be a fantastic opportunity to develop talent, performance and engagement. It’s a “north star” – and also an opportunity to give people a role, a goal, a transversal communication track to learn from each other and to work together. The positive human side-effects of projects around sustainable development are far higher than the direct profits from energy savings or recycling. Try.

6. Steps2HAV (steps to human added value)

It’s about opening space for emergence of “the new”. It can be attached to one of the 5 latter, or can be articulated around art (play music together), sports (healthy competition), social entrepreneurship (spin-offs with meaning), well-being and health (vitality, nutrition,…), creativity and innovation; mentoring (internal or external).

Here are a few conditions to make it happen:
regular time space – an appointment that we look forward to;
a physical hub or space;
values like respect, openness, trust, confidentiality, heart;
protected by the board;
during office hours;
process-controlled, not content controlled;
it’s a “journey” without beginning or end…


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