Revealing potential

The organization works as a human being

This is another way to look at an organization. Imagine it as a human being. Well then, who is who?

Brain: collective knowledge, corporate management and cockpit, KPI’s.
Blood: money
Mouth: marketing
Eyes and ears: corporate perception (web, people,…)
Legs and feet: production
Hands: services
Sexual organs: innovation and think tank
Heart: corporate values, vision, mission
Lungs: CSR
Stomach: resources supply chain
Kidneys: waste purification
Liver: waste recycling
Nerves: communication and piloting systems
Lymphatic system: values sharing

What would you think ? Do you have more ideas ?
Who is the belly-button and who is the tongue 🙂 ?


Comments on: "The organization as a human being" (1)


    I am expecting that ‘BODY OF ORGANIZATION IS AS HUMAN BODY’ Where we can see..

    1.ADMINISTRATION of an Organization is works as work of HUMAN BRAIN to make the control on over all the body. mainly it relates to Human resource management.

    2. FINANCE of Organization as important to distribute funds to every department of organization generate profits to survive the organization on long run is as HEAR to Human to distribute the blood to all the parts of human body to generate the energy to survive life long.

    3.PRODUCTION function keep the organization to utilize the organizational RESOURCES towards generating productivity as well as ACTION of the PARTS of human being is to keep the body at optimum digzetion of elements of the food taken.

    4. Marketing as the well as our charecter of Human being with what actions human should have gain the fame and name the organization with past actions.

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