Revealing potential

Triple Accounting attemps to calculate values and potential carried by people in the corporation. Intangible assets, emotional equity, knowledge equity, goodwill is mostly located in teams. But… if not well carried, these projects could slip into a negative spiral. Let’s check out why and how to avoid it.

Opportunities and potential:

1. Measure, monitor and benchmark impact of HR and CSR actions, as well as Sustainable Development projects, values and identity
2. Identify, valorize, estimate the amplitude of intangible value and potential (intangible/immaterial liabilities)
3. Enhance collective consciousness of where is the true value, within people
4. Explicit feelings and intuitions
5. Challenge financials and accounting with people issues
6. Recognize the value of employees
7. Reassure shareholders on long term
8. People’s strategy and perennity on long term


1. The figures and the “machine” enslaves people even more
2. People become a quantified tool to uniquely serve shareholder value
3. “Amortising ” and “charge off” of people as assets
4. It’s a little provokative to calculate people’s value in hard currency…
5. Never calculate individual financial value for people
6. Over-evaluation of people
7. War of egos and power


-> it has to be done in a benevolent way, with people as a value, not with people as an asset to “write off”
-> the exercice has to be done to create value for and by people, on 5 levels: earth, material, emotional, knowledge, common good
-> basic human ethics have to be respected
-> the core intention should be to create value for the people, for the corporate projects, for the surrounding


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