Revealing potential

Create value on 5 levels

content GS Global Systemics_Triple Accounting

For a simple way to map value, click on the link just above here.
On every level, we have/create value every day:
value for the earth, material/financial value, emotional value, knowledge value, value for common good,…
We also have a negative, liability effect sometimes. We can work on it when we are able to measure consciously.

Then, we can “open space” to transform liabilities into assets, thus creating value. A sort of alchemy transforming lead into gold. The dream of all times. With human potential and creativity, well connected (read: contribute), we can achieve marvelous things for everybody, creating value for people by people.

Use this chart without moderation !
It’s a Creative Commons license.

creative commons

creative commons

Have fun and make your company smile 🙂



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