Revealing potential

Triple Accounting



  • Measurement, evaluation and monitoring of shared values and intangibles
  • Seeting of priorities in company’s strategy based on intangibles
  • Detect glass ceilings of development
  • Transmission of ownership
  • Human potential and resources activation
  • Company’s innovation potential assessment
  • IRM scan for values’ unification: cultural assessment
  • Corporate identity profiling
  • Activating performance
  • Human risk assessment (knowledge and emotional)
  • Business model assessment
  • Shareholder and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Client and employee satisfaction
  • CSR and GRI governance assessment


  • Transmission of ownership
  • Port merger integration
  • Client satisfaction assessment
  • Employee satisfaction assessment
  • Before or after a strategic move
  • Annual report
  • …and much more!


  • Triangulation with tradicional methods
  • Segmentation (plant, region, continent, department)
  • Statistical analysis of the questionnary
  • Proposal’s roll-out to activate intangible liabilities
  • Proposal’s roll-out to transform intangible into business
  • Sectorial benchmark: positioning and drivers compared to others of same business area.


  • Chief Executive Officer – CEO: evaluate and monitor intangible value
  • Chief Financial Officer – CFO: valorisation strategy and leverage
  • Sales: client satisfaction
  • Marketing: brand identity and DNA
  • Human resources: employee satisfaction, skill priorities
  • Production: team assessment and impact
  • R&D: creativity and innovation engagement plus knowledge capital
  • CSR: cultural assessment
  • Public: information
  • Stakeholders: cultural assessment
  • CSR: relation management


  • State-of-art algorithms (and updates)
  • Training
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Sharing of workshops and conferences
  • Promotion (web, keynotes, press) and Lobby
  • Shift demands from the market to Triple Accounting consultants
  • Online server with the Questions & Answers
  • Helpdesk to Triple Accounting interpretation
  • Processing and production of reports
  • Web visibility



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