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This is the blog on “Triple Accounting”.

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Ceci est le blog sur la “Triple Comptabilité.

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Historically, Tangible Assets such as money, possessions, investments etc. determined the value of a business. Today the operational cash flow (EBITDA) as part of the Tangible Assets is still used a measure for the value of a company.
Experts recognize however the growing importance of Intangible Assets as a determining factor guaranteeing the sustainability and the development of any business or organization.

An astonishing 80% of the market value of the S&P 500 companies are Intangible Assets, also called Goodwill, Immaterial Capital or Human Value. Put in other words: the market value of a company largely depends on criteria which we don’t measure, UNTIL NOW…
The UHDR Triple Accounting is a solution to measure and activate these Intangible Assets. Just like in the classical financial accounting balance sheet, Triple Accounting provides a complete assessment of the Human Value of your company put in a Knowledge Balance Sheet and Emotional Balance Sheet, each of them showing assets and liabilities.

Here are some examples of intangible assets:
The relations with the client
The company culture of the organization
The processes and operations management
The endurance, resilience and creativity to face hard-times
The innovation capacity of the team
The ability of knowing what to do and why
The technology of information
The value of the brand
Client loyalty
… and many others

The impact on your business of each of these human assets (or liabilities) can be diligently mapped in a Triple Accounting report, which is derived from the participants’ answers to an on-line questionnaire of 120 questions. This puts a monetary value to each of the human assets (i.e. openness & reactivity: 2.300.335 EUR, innovation: 15.248.469 EUR) and human liabilities (i.e. performance: – 6.823.166 EUR) allowing you to take concrete measures for increase the resilience and profitability of your business.
Human liabilities:
High level of mental distress (depression, burn-out,…): the largest cause of job drop-out
Knowledge concentrated with few people with limited loyalty…
Human assets:
A large workforce of empowered and creative people
Satisfied and loyal customers
After acquiring valuable information of intangibles from inside your business, Triple Accounting consultancy goes further: we help you in defining strategies to convert the unused human potential into assets allowing your business to transform. Just improving one aspect of the human potential can energize the whole company, as it impacts transversally.

Simple internal/external communication tool
Measures human capital
Makes the link between people, corporate values, strategy and vision, and the business model
Invites to specific actions with high leverage

1. Mapping of immaterial value at moment T1
2. Priority setting for actions energizing the whole organisation, in collaboration with stakeholders
3. Actions
4. Mapping of immaterial value at moment T2

depending on the urgent questions, we engage the assessment on
Measure, evaluate and monitoring of shared values and intangible value, in hard currency
Setting of Human potential activation priorities in company’s strategy
Detect glass ceilings of development
Transmission of ownership: transfer or merger of Emotional Capital and Knowledge Capital
Company’s innovation potential assessment and innovation barrier detection
IRM scan for values’ unification: cultural identity assessment
Corporate identity profiling
Human risk assessment (knowledge and emotional – capacity to respond to un predictible events)
Business model assessment and innovation
Shareholder, employee, client and stakeholder satisfaction
CSR and governance assessment


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